From Plant to Print: Our Botanical Dyeing Process.

From Plant to Print: Our Botanical Dyeing Process.

Each and every Botanical print palette is an exclusive artwork created by our founder Eloïse using her unique botanical dyeing process. Eloïse uses a natural dyeing process that extracts colour and pattern from various Australian botanicals. This beautiful process is called botanical dyeing.
The plants are wrapped in silk creating a silk bundle and then steamed for a duration of time. During this time, the botanicals infuse with the silk, revealing the most exquisite natural colours, patterns and textures into the silk fibre. This process is completely unpredictable, which makes every botanical silk artwork and palette unique, special and one of a kind.
From these gorgeous silk swatches, Eloïse then creates a digital repeat pattern design for the purpose of direct to fabric digital printing. The silk fabric is digitally printed in Sydney Australia, using the finest natural textiles and non-toxic, water miscible dyes that are environmentally friendly.
The result is an exceptional final product that captures all of the stunning intricate botanical details, textures and colours of Eloïse’s artworks. The silk is then transformed into your favourite handmade products in our Sydney atelier by Eloïse and her incredible team, creating one of a kind silk hair accessories and clothing.

Our founder Eloïse preparing the silk for botanical dyeing.

Eloïse's favourite plant to use is the beautiful Eucalyptus Cinerea leaves featured here. 


Silk eco bundles ready for steaming!  

These are going to be beautiful artworks for our digital printing process.

The art of botanical dyeing using Eucalyptus Cinerea leaves!



After we steam and hand wash our silk panels, they are air dried and pressed, ready for Eloïse to turn into digital repeat artworks.


In the studio!

Our digitally printed silk fabric hangs in our Sydney studio ready to be turned into your favourite silk products. This process involves skilled technicians to digitally print our botanical design artworks onto the silk surface using environmentally friendly and non-toxic water miscible dyes.

The silk is then hand washed and cured by steam, creating a beautiful finished result. This process is environmentally friendly and produces an exceptionally detailed and accurate reproduction of Eloïse's botanical print artworks. 


Our collection mood board.

We love curating our favourite prints, colour palette and inspiration for designing our collections. 

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