Our Story

The Eloise Panetta story begins with an admiration for craftswomanship.

From an early age, Eloise closely observed her Grandmother as she sewed and constructed garments. This interest later bloomed into a passion for pattern-making evidently stemming from this beautiful exchange of skill and making - from one generation to the other. 

Eloise’s love for creating continued to blossom into a career in fashion design, which led to working for a leading Australian fashion label.

After several years working in a design role, and a desire to begin a brand of her own, Eloise returned to study, this time completing a Master of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia. Throughout this chapter, her interest deepened for botanical dyeing as she set about refining her craft.

One only has to look closely at Eloise Panetta’s designs to see the elegance of her botanical dyeing process. Eucalyptus cinerea, fresh foliage, petals and berries are all signatures of the artistry and craftswomanship so prevalent within her soft silk designs and feminine silhouettes. It’s as if the silks come into a beauty of their own, once touched and influenced by the  steam, botanicals and Eloise’s hands. 

"A key step for me in the natural dying process was understanding the chemistry behind the technique and slowly building a catalogue of botanicals that I knew worked. Even though I am quite thoughtful in my application, like any artist is, the botanicals and materials sometimes have a mind of their own. You can use the same botanicals two days in a row and still get a slightly different shade each time. For me, there's magic in that sense of unpredictability. I’ve learnt to embrace nature’s touch on my craft. ”

- Eloise Panetta

Now with a library of botanicals on hand, her designs are evolving and blooming. Eloise is involved and hands-on at the helm of the EP Atelier and brand, however, is now supported by a small team of women. Each piece created at the Atelier is designed with a deep respect for the natural world and available in small, considered quantities. Underpinned by sustainability, the EP collection was founded on values of quality, craftswomanship  and sentimentality. With the intention for all pieces to be cherished and worn well.

As a designer and artist, there is a truth in Eloise’s craftwomanship that is rare and beautiful. Her designs carry an essence that is symbolic to Eloise’s hands and heart. A quality hard to define, but one that is very much felt when you come into contact with her botanical silks.