Sustainability & Transparency

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 Sustainable choices:

Our commitment:

At Eloïse Panetta, every effort and commitment is made to ensure we implement the most current sustainable, eco friendly, socially responsible and ethical practices in everything we do.

We only use materials with a strong ethical and sustainable focus. We are always searching for new and improved ways of minimising our footprint, and embedding this ethos into all of our products, packaging and design process. 

When you buy from us, you can ensure that every effort has been made to provide you with the highest quality materials, sourced from ethical, sustainable and socially responsible suppliers, manufacturers and businesses. 

  • Production | Jewellery

Our Jewellery is hand made in-house at our Sustainable Atelier,  based in Sydney Australia. Here we produce all of our jewellery from sustainably sourced and recycled fine metals. We only use Australia suppliers and support our local makers as we need. 


  • Production | Clothing

Our clothing  is hand made in-house at our Sustainable Atelier,  based in Sydney Australia. Here we produce all of our clothing from sustainably sourced silks, laces, linens and cottons. We source our fabrics, trims and materials globally from sustainable and ethically responsible suppliers from France, Italy, UK, USA, China, India and Australia. 


Eco friendly and sustainable packaging:

We are incredibly passionate about ensuring  our packaging has a positive impact on the planet. Thats why every effort has been made to ensure we implement eco friendly and sustainable packaging options. We have worked incredibly hard to bring you beautiful, minimal, sustainable and eco friendly packaging that will protect your beautiful new product. 

Jewellery and Clothing: 

Your new product will be placed in a linen eco pouch. Proudly handmade in Australia and branded with our signature Eloïse Panetta logo using water based, eco friendly inks.

Your product is then wrapped in 100% recyclable and acid free tissue paper and placed in a 100% recyclable mailer box, hand printed here in Australia using water based, eco friendly inks. Even our stickers are 100% recyclable. 

Please ensure you do the right thing by re-using or recycling our packaging. You can even send it back to us and we can re-use it for another customer. If you would like to find out more about this option, please contact us here

Every effort is made to continually research new and improved packaging options to ensure we are completely up to date with the most current sustainable and eco friendly material options.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our sustainable practices, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to contact us here

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© 2020, Eloïse Panetta