Large Silk Scrunchie in Multicoloured
Large Silk Scrunchie in Multicoloured
Large Silk Scrunchie in Multicoloured
Large Silk Scrunchie in Multicoloured
Large Silk Scrunchie in Multicoloured

Large Silk Scrunchie in Multicoloured

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Consciously handmade in Sydney, Australia

© 2020, Eloïse Panetta

Upgrade your hair ties with our lush botanically dyed silk scrunchies. Consciously handmade in Sydney, Australia.  

Finding it hard to choose what botanically dyed silk scrunchie is right for you?

We'll select the colours for you in this option, meaning that you'll be completely surprised when they arrive in the post. This option chooses at random from a variety of botanically dyed silk colours in stock and may include completely one off and unique bespoke designs not available already online, or a combination of current colour options.

Colours in the option are continuously changing weekly and every silk scrunchie is handmade from one of a kind and unique botanically dyed silk.

Silk works to maintain healthy looking hair, restoring moisture and preventing breakage caused by traditional elastic bands. No more breakage, tangles or snags, our silk scrunchies are designed to be gentle on your hair and a completely eco friendly replacement for your current hair tie.

Each piece of silk goes through a beautiful botanical dyeing process. Australian botanicals such as eucalyptus leaves, flower petals and berries are wrapped in the silk and then steamed, creating soft, subtle colours and unique patterns.


Features include:

  • 100% pure silk and botanically dyed
  • We'll select the colours for you with this option so it will be a complete surprise
  • Every large scrunchie is individually hand dyed and colour will vary from the images shown*
  • Large silk scrunchie measures roughly 14cm in diameter and wraps twice around your hair
  • Sustainably handcrafted in Sydney, Australia
  • Kind and gentle to your skin and hair
  • Colours are derived naturally from botanicals and 100% chemical free
  • Comes beautifully packaged in our signature and sustainable packaging.

Production and Delivery

  • Handcrafted to order in Sydney, Australia
  • Please allow up to 4 full business days for production
  • Please refer to our shipping and delivery guidelines here
  • Please refer to our care instructions here
  • Comes beautifully packaged in our signature and sustainable packaging

    Additional notes on this product: 

    © 2020, Eloïse Panetta

    *Please note: Every large silk scrunchie is entirely one of a kind and the colour you receive may vary from the images shown. The colours we have mentioned above are a guide only as the unpredictable nature of botanical dyeing will always mean the colours are different from product to product. This is all part of the unique process of botanical dyeing as every large silk scrunchie is handmade and dyed in small batches. Please expect colour variations and differences to occur. Any difference is not a fault and should be embraced as it reflects how truely special and one of a kind your botanically dyed product is. 

    If you have a question about the colour of your large silk scrunchie please get in touch before placing an online order at